Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scrambled Eggs

I used to be of the belief that you had to scramble your eggs slowly over low heat. Turns out it's not so true.

Again I turn to the other Fisher Bible, The New Best Recipe by Cook's Illustrated. According to them, it doesn't matter the heat, just your vigilence. Make sure your constantly moving the eggs in the pan, and take them out before you think they're done.

If you happen to read this blog, what are your experience with scrambled eggs?

P.S. They also like to use a little milk, just like I do.


go mom go said...

I have always added milk to scrambled eggs. I learned that while watching my dad cook them. He would also add a little cheese. My husband thought I was weird when I first did this, so I asked my dad how he learned. He mentioned that is how he learned to do it while in the military. He would also remove them before they looked all the way done, a mistake I make all the time because I hate gooey whites. It's that happy medium that's the best: not dry and overdone, but not gooey.

Heats said...

Alton Brown said you have to do it slow to get the pillowy fluffiness. We use heavy cream with ours to be more fancy :) Time for a cook-off for the best scrambled eggs! When you coming down here?

JL said...

I just heard this song yesterday for the first time.

Why don't you have it playing on your blog?