Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scrambled Eggs

I used to be of the belief that you had to scramble your eggs slowly over low heat. Turns out it's not so true.

Again I turn to the other Fisher Bible, The New Best Recipe by Cook's Illustrated. According to them, it doesn't matter the heat, just your vigilence. Make sure your constantly moving the eggs in the pan, and take them out before you think they're done.

If you happen to read this blog, what are your experience with scrambled eggs?

P.S. They also like to use a little milk, just like I do.

Before you buy that non-stick pan...

I mentioned on another blog that Kulani bought me a very nice non-stick pan for Christmas. A year later, and the non-stick is starting wear off. I've been extra careful with it, I promise. I've used plastic, not metal, spatulas when flipping eggs or pancakes. Sadly, however, more and more of the non-stick has worn off.

"What gives?" I thought. Kulani and I were both under the impression that expensive non-stick pans last forever.

And then we tuned into America's Test Kitchen on Saturday. America's Test Kitchen is a program on PBS, and if you've missed it, you're really missing out on one of the best things your tax dollars have going for you. America's Test Kitchen is a half hour program where they cook about three tried-and-true recipes, and show you the best techniques and ways to cook some American classics, as well as other well-known recipes.

In the middle of the program they test different kitchen gadgets. On the episode we watched on Saturday, they tested different non-stick pans. Right up front they acknowledged that no matter how expensive the non-stick pan, it will eventually lose its effectiveness for non-sticking.

So they tested the whole gammit of non-stick pans. To save you time from having to google it and watch the whole episode yourself, I'll tell you that their favorite non-stick pan was the T-Fal pan, and it costs around $35. Compare that to the All-Clad $160 pan, and you can see that you can buy five T-Fal pans to replace the one All-Clad pan that will also eventually lose its non-stickery.

File that in your "good-stuff-to-know" folder.